60mm Unhooded Nylon Twin Wheel Casters - Grip Neck- PN - TWN-N60GS-GN1


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Product Code: TWN-N60GS-GN1

NO: I do not need a socket
MS-2719: Metal Socket with Teeth
PS-3027: Round - for .433 in. ID
PS-2500: Square - for .678 in. ID

Wheel Brake TWN*:
NO: No Brake
B: Wheel Brake


Product Description
 Flat Black Grey Spokes  2 3/8" ( 60 mm ) Nylon Wheels.   Grip Neck Stem.  You can NOT use the following sockets with this caster:PS-2492, PS-2486, or CC34
Technical Specifications
 Wheel Size:  ( 60mm ) 2 3/8" Diameter   Maximum Capacity:  100 lbs each   Overall Height when Attached:  2 3/4"   Swivel Radius:  2 1/4"   Swivel Radius with Optional Brake:  3 1/4"   Stem:  5/16" Diameter x 1 1/2" Long Grip Neck
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