60mm Gray Rubber Twin Wheel Furniture Caster -Grip Ring Stem- PN - TWN-GR25XF-GR2


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Product Code: TWN-GR25XF-GR2

NO: I do not need a socket
MS-2255: SOMBRERO Socket for Wood [Add $2.00]
MS-S10X: Metal Socket Wood or Steel [Add $2.00]
MB180: Straight Bracket [Add $2.00]
MB90: Corner Bracket [Add $2.00]
PS-2014: Round - for .805 in. ID [Add $2.00]
PS-2460: Round - for .870 in. ID [Add $2.00]
PS-2473: Round - for .902 in. ID [Add $2.00]
PS-2498GR: Round - for .992 in. ID [Add $2.00]
PS-2045: Square - for .870 in. SQ [Add $2.00]
PS-1640: Square - for .902 in. SQ [Add $2.00]

Wheel Brake TWN*:
NO: No Brake
B: Wheel Brake [Add $1.50]


Product Description
 Twin 2 3/8" Gray Rubber Wheels.   Two Tone - Nylon Body  Grip Ring Stem mount 7/16" x 7/8".   If you are ordering this caster as a replacement for a chair caster and the hole in the chair is already 7/16", you do not need a socket. Click on "No Socket" to order the caster.
Technical Specifications
 Wheel Size:  ( 60mm ) 2 3/8"Diameter   Maximum Capacity Chairs:  60 lbs each   Maximum Capacity Furniture:  70 lbs each   Overall Height when Attached:  2 5/8"   Swivel Radius:  2 1/16"   Swivel Radius with Optional Brake:  2 1/2"   Stem:  7/16" Diameter x 7/8" Long Grip Ring
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