4" Swivel Caster - Polyurethane on Polyolefin Wheel- Model 9- PN - 9MG4x2-S


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Product Code: 9MG4X2-S

Optional Bearings 9*:
NO: No Precision Ball Bearings
PS: Precision Sealed Ball Bearings [Add $8.00]

Wheel Brake 9*:
NO: No Brake
TB: Pedal on side of wheel [Add $10.00]
FCB: Face Contact Brake [Add $50.00]
TL: Total Lock -Lock Swivel & Wheel [Add $25.00]

Swivel Lock or Raceway Seals 9*:
NO: No Swivel Lock or Seals
RS: Swivel Bearing Raceway Seals - SEE RED WARNING BELOW [Add $5.00]
SL4: Welded - Locks Swivel - SEE RED WARNING BELOW [Add $10.00]
BSL4-FO: Foot Operated-Locks Swivel - SEE RED WARNING BELOW [Add $10.00]


Product Description
 4" Polyurethane on Polyolefin Wheel.  Color: Maroon/Gray.  Roller Bearing in the Wheel.  Photo shown with 6" wheel.   DO NOT ORDER SWIVEL LOCK OR RACEWAY SEALS IF YOU ORDER THE TL - TOTAL LOCK BRAKE. THE TL BRAKE WILL NOT WORK WITH EITHER THE SWIVEL LOCK OR RACEWAY SEALS.
Technical Specifications
 Wheel Size:  4" x 2"   Maximum Capacity:  400 lbs each   Overall Height:  5 5/8"  Swivel Radius:  3 1/2"  Swivel Radius with TL Brake:  6 1/2"    Plate Size:  4" x 4 1/2"
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