5" Swivel Caster - Gray All Polyurethane Wheel - Model 9- PN - 9HU5x2-S


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Product Code: 9HU5X2-S

Wheel Brake 9*:
NO: No Brake
TB: Pedal on side of wheel [Add $10.00]
FCB: Face Contact Brake [Add $50.00]
TL: Total Lock -Lock Swivel & Wheel [Add $25.00]

Swivel Lock or Raceway Seals 9*:
NO: No Swivel Lock or Seals
RS: Swivel Bearing Raceway Seals - SEE RED WARNING BELOW [Add $5.00]
SL4: Welded - Locks Swivel - SEE RED WARNING BELOW [Add $10.00]
BSL4-FO: Foot Operated-Locks Swivel - SEE RED WARNING BELOW [Add $10.00]


Product Description
 5" All Gray Polyurethane Wheel.  Precision Sealed Ball Bearings in the Wheel.  Photo shown with 8" wheel.   DO NOT ORDER SWIVEL LOCK OR RACEWAY SEALS IF YOU ORDER THE TL - TOTAL LOCK BRAKE. THE TL BRAKE WILL NOT WORK WITH EITHER THE SWIVEL LOCK OR RACEWAY SEALS.
Technical Specifications
 Wheel Size:  5" x 2"   Maximum Capacity:  900 lbs each   Overall Height:  6 1/2"  Swivel Radius:  4 1/4"  Swivel Radius with TL Brake:  6 1/2"    Plate Size:  4" x 4 1/2"
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